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Your Maison Cent Vingt-Trois ready-to-wear shop
Maison Cent Vingt-Trois Casablanca - Morocco Mall
in Casablanca

Boulevard Sidi Abderahman

20000 Casablanca MA


Opening hours

open today from 10:00 to 22:00
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Your store Maison Cent Vingt-Trois Casablanca - Morocco Mall

Parisian elegance, inimitable suits and glamorous dresses

The quality of the materials, the attention to detail and the precision of the finishes are what make our brand's reputation.

In Maison Cent Vingt-Trois stores, we attach very great importance to the quality of your welcome.
The sales hostesses are there to assist you: they will advise you and present outfits and accessories that suit your style and your wishes.

Whether you're looking for a suit for work, a casual-chic silhouette, a more sophisticated dress or outfit for a special occasion, come and see the Maison Cent Vingt-Trois collections now.